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Le -Potato: Ya hair is like a nest of spiders fackin hell
mushroomGdog77: derby miner is derby
Katarzyna Grzejda: this is what I needed :) thank you! you've just became my new favourite aussie youtuber :)
martyisabeliever: Hey Derek; So with my Ridge Runner I too was concerned 'bout loosing the short pole pc. as well and desired shock cord.
Sooo... I J.B. welded it in (I will always use it as wide as possible that is why I bought a bridge hammock) and then went to the Army Surplus and found he had a roll of 3/16" shock cord, next went to ACE Hdwr. purchased 2 of ea. 1/2" and 3/4" cork stoppers for test tubes you'll need to cut them in half on Head bar ean due to the internal sleeves assembled clearance; Drilled 'em through, added shock cord and a knot, friction fit is sufficient to overcome the shock cord under a bit of tension, Push 'em in (i used a 6'"1/4" drive socket extension) to load tension desired on the shock cord.& Wala'
Took me 'bout 20 minutes.

Halling Roosa: Nice color
Victor Holecek: Just because you died doesn't mean he is hacking 
Craig Brown: LOL! Has a Bluemotion Golf. Chooses the new Bluemotion Golf. :-O <---- shocked!